IntelliConnect Pool Control & Monitoring System, Pentiar

IntelliConnect Pool Control & Monitoring System, Pentiar

With the IntelliConnect EC-523317 Control and Monitoring system, owners that have simple pools can now monitor and control their pool’s functions conveniently and easily. Plus, you can use your smart device to control IntelliConnect via a user-friendly app for ultimate pool management from anywhere in the world or right at home.

Controls up to 5 pool devices
Operates almost any 2 on/off items
Works through an app for smart devices
Enables seamless scheduling and rescheduling

Conduct all scheduling, operation, and adjustments right from your smartphone.

Get in-app notifications of maintenance and performance improvement recommendations.

Receive useful maintenance tips to guide you, whether you are a new or seasoned pool owner.

IntelliConnect takes full advantage of the features of the IntelliFlo and IntelliPro variable speed pumps resulting in remarkable, energy-saving pumps through a smart connection.

Plus, more information to help you get the most from your backyard lifestyle investment.