How do I vacuum my pool?

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There will be times that the steps, floor, and walls may need to be vacuumed to remove sand or other heavy debris.

Unless an automatic pool cleaner is in use -- and sometimes as a necessary compliment, after heavy storms and the like -- a manual vacuum can be used.

When vacuuming manually, a hose is attached to either a suction port in the pool's wall or in the base of the skimmer opening and the opposite end is attached to a vacuum head after that has been attached to a pole for manual direction.

It is imperative to pre-fill the hose with water in the pool before attaching it to any suction port, to ensure that air is not introduced into the system.

The vacuum head should also be submerged prior to use, for the same reason.

This manual cleaning process allows the dirt and debris to be siphoned into the pump basket and filter, much like a household vacuum cleaner.

And, just like your indoor vacuum's collection bag, the basket and filter should be cleaned after vacuuming is complete.

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