Chlorine Products in Yuma, AZ

Minimize the amount of time spent adjusting your pool water with the use of chlorine. At Cara’s Pool Supplies and Spas, we offer chlorine in the form best suited for your needs – liquid or tablets.

Chlorine products are the most common sanitizers for your pool and spa to rid any unwanted bacteria. Chlorine tablets work by releasing the solution into your pool water over a period of time, as the tablet dissolves. On the other hand, liquid chlorine can just be poured into the water and will immediately become active. Chlorine products should be added into the water whenever your tested chlorine level is below 1 ppm.

At Cara’s, we sell great chlorine products in Yuma, AZ, at a fair price. We are currently offering our local customers deliveries throughout Yuma, AZ as a courtesy service option. In addition, we can also perform water-testing as an added free service – either at the time of delivery or on-site at our Acme Pool and Spa Care store.