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Spa and Pool Cleaning Services in Yuma, AZ

We offer a variety of spa and pool cleaning service packages in Yuma, AZ, to meet all your pool and spa maintenance needs.  Our consultations are always FREE of charge.  If you do not see a plan that does not meet your needs, please call us.  We can create a custom plan just for you!

Cara’s Spa and Pool Cleaning Services in Yuma, AZ:

Signature Service Plan

Our signature service plan is a biweekly service that includes chemical testing, pool water balancing, and more. This is a great option for those who are looking for an all-encompassing cleaning service to ensure that their pool is always ready.

On the Fly One-Time Service

On the Fly is a one-time service and is ideal if you are searching for a one-time deep clean of your pool. This service includes everything that our signature service plan includes, but instead of biweekly, we will perform a one-time full cleaning.

Chemical Service Plus Plan

Our chemical service plus plan is performed twice a week. We will visit you on-site and chemically clean the interior of your pool with chlorine tablets, ph increaser/decreasers, and more!

Chemical Service Plan

Our chemical service plan includes most of the same chemical treatments as our chemical service plus plan, but instead of biweekly, we will come on-site for a cleaning only once a week.

Gold Service Plan

Our gold service plan is our all-inclusive service that takes place twice a week. During the service, we will extensively investigate the quality of the pool water and make any adjustments that are needed. With our gold service plan, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining your pool.

We are currently providing customers with a complimentary water-testing service in addition to any of our above services. Give us a call at (928) 941-2831 to schedule your upcoming spa and pool cleaning service from our team here in Yuma, AZ.