Our Story

In 1990, our family moved from Michigan to Arizona.  My late husband and I started our own pool cleaning service in 1992 with the purchase of Acme Pools & Spa Care.  We worked out of our home for quite some time and with business growth, we purchased our first location on Avenue B in the year 2000.  As the business continued to expand in hot tubs sales and construction, we eventually purchased a second location on 4th Avenue in 2003 where the business is still located today.  The business continues to grow and over the years we went from one service truck to almost twenty!

While we started our business selling pool service and repairs.  Shortly after, we started our retail and construction division.  We have been a Hot Spring's Spa Dealer since 2005 and in 2004 we had signed on as a San Juan Fiberglass Pool Dealer.  Through it all, our passion has always been providing local expertise and service to Yuma area families and businesses who need swimming pool care & supplies. 

Our first employee was our oldest daughter Chas and throughout all our business years, all four of our children worked at some point in our local family business. Our two oldest daughters Chas and Heather are now the managers of the business.  

If you take a close look at our company logo you will notice a 'C' and a "J' in the water droplet. Our logo is special to our family as it is a memorial to our beloved son and brother Charles Jr. (C.J.) and my late husband Charles who are no longer with us. 

While Acme Pools & Spas will continue to provide pool & spa service & repairs, Cara's Pool Supplies & Spas is a new addition to the family business and offers a very unique "DIY" service not offered by anyone else in the Yuma area.

Watch for episodes of "Pool School" on our website and YouTube channel and we will host several Do It Yourself pool maintenance clinics throughout the year. 

So if you like to do your own pool maintenance, keep Cara's Pool Supplies & Spas in mind for your chemicals and supplies. 

Cara is an Arizona Licensed Swimming Pool Contractor.  She is among others in the company that is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). We are experienced in water chemistry and is a warranty center for multiple brand name pool filtration systems. We have been working with pools and spas for 30 years.  We have pretty much seen it all.